Volunteers Team

Manager: Emma Bliska, 631-942-4184


Team Description:

The Volunteers Team help people find their place in the Midd Foods team. We spearhead recruitment by meeting with academic programs, College offices, and athletics. During deliveries, we make sure people know where to go, what to do, and when to do it. If you’re interested in making genuine connections, fostering a strong team dynamic, and communicating with the institution of Middlebury, the Volunteers Team is right for you.


Open Positions:


Student Organization Coordinator

  • Managing the “club” of Middlebury Foods, including assisting the Volunteers Manager in applying for student org status (will be listed as the President of the club on the Constitution).
  • Working with Events Coordinator to plan events (i.e. bringing speakers to campus, holding workshops, and attending conferences).


  • Organized.
  • Speaking and writing skills.
  • Likes people (or is at least good at pretending to).


  • 1-3 hours per week with the assumption that certain weeks will have larger time commitments based on the rhythm of student org expectations.
  • Provides VM with monthly reports regarding student org budget.
  • Stays on top of what the SGA needs us to do, including updating the Constitution, etc.


Events Coordinator:

  • Helps bring speakers to campus, identifies conferences the MiddFoods team may want to attend.
  • Serves as Social Chair, and plans events such as dinners, parties, etc. for the entire MF Team.
  • Provides logistical support for major events such as Chili Fest, Parton Health Fair, Middlebury Flea Market, etc.


  • Organizational and logistical skills.
  • Enjoys planning and attending social events and parties.
  • Event planning experience (interpret broadly).
  • Comfortable delegating responsibilities to other people.
  • Basic social media skills (especially Facebook).


  • Time commitment varies greatly. Some weeks may be 1-2 hours, some may be 7+, depending on whether we are coming up on a major event.
  • Delegates responsibilities for executing events.