we believe that through a community oriented food system, everyone can have access to wholesome food.



Since our founding in the fall of 2013, we’ve grown drastically. Every month we’re able to deliver thousands of pounds of high-quality, nutritious and affordable food to over 250 families, at the same time supporting local farmers and businesses. We’ve expanded to six delivery sites and now offer a full suite of groceries; fresh produce, meat, and a variety of local product including eggs, cheeses, pasta, bread and more.

From the beginning, what has made Middlebury Foods possible is the supportive relationships we have with customers, farmers, and community members. We’re so grateful for the support that has gotten us to where we are today, and we need your help as we continue to grow!

Your donations will support:

Van rentals: The more products we provide and the more communities we serve, the more vans we need to rent! Getting the food from our storage facility to delivery locations is our biggest monthly expense - besides the food itself, of course.

Outreach: We’re always trying to get the word out to more people in the community. This means paying for advertising, circulating pamphlets, and traveling to meetings and conferences.

Continued Expansion: Beyond just providing more local products at more sites, we’ve also got some bigger plans in the works - think increased delivery frequency, and maybe even our very own Middlebury Foods truck!

All donations are fully tax-deductible and go directly into supporting us and the Addison County community. Thank you!


Have other ideas as to what you think we should do with your donation? Don’t hesitate to email us at info@middleburyfoods.com. Again, we couldn’t do it without your help.


Thanks from everybody here at Middlebury Foods!