Middlebury Foods is Turning 2!

Celebrate with us with $5 off our family box this Month!

About Us

Middlebury Foods is a student-run non-profit dedicated to serving Addison County communities. We sell highly affordable fresh produce and quality meat. Our goal is to ensure that citizens of Addison County have convenient access to the healthy and delicious food they want.

Save money. By cutting out the supermarket and buying from wholesale distributors, we are able to save our customers anywhere from 15-35% over what they'd pay at the supermarket. No need to compromise with cheap, processed calories—this is more bang for less buck.

Save Time. We deliver right after work and on Sundays. Our deliveries take less than 5 minutes. No bargain-hunting, squinting at unit prices, weighing, bagging or waiting in line at the register.

We launched in fall 2013 and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We now serve over 130 families each month in Middlebury, North Ferrisburgh, Brandon, Bristol and Vergennes. 

We're always looking for new delivery sites, so get in touch if you think your community would benefit from our service.

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